October 21st, 2019, Scorpio daily horoscope for today

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The adventurous lunar vibes of the last few days and their dance with playful forces, make way for a more professional focus today. While the Moon's return to your career sector won't be as spectacular as the Full Moon its return to your work sector last week created nor will it be as challenging. Instead, returning on the same day that Jupiter moves into his final six weeks in your income sector, as well as fuelling your professional instincts and imagination this brings a chance to get your ducks in a row across the income, work and career fronts.

You might question what you feel you should do for a certain person and what you're truly obliged to do. You might have understood you should be doing one thing but have somehow ended up doing something different. Confusion about a role you're expected to play might become a brief issue now. Dialogue needs to be opened and had between you and this person. It could be time to put an arrangement or a commitment on a firmer – and possibly fairer – footing.

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Scorpio free horoscope prediction October 21st 2019

General Overview: Your personal life is looking up while your professional life leaves something to be desired. Go with what works instead of wasting precious time and energy on what doesn’t appear to be going your way today. Spending time with an amusing Pisces can be super entertaining. And maybe kind of romantic too?

Love/Friendship: You’re super intense when you’re in a romantic mood. And you will be with Venus in your sign aspecting mystical Neptune in your house of true love. This energy makes you pretty giddy when you’re in the company of someone special. If you’re coupled, make it a date night. It’s an excellent evening to socialize if you’re looking to meet your match. There’s an aura about you that makes you absolutely sublime.

Career/Finance: The frustration factor is high as Mars in your elusive twelfth house clashes with the moon’s nodes. Either circumstances prevent you from taking action, or you can’t make progress with your tasks because you lack the info required to do what you want to do. It’s hard to sit idly by as others race ahead toward achieving their goals, but now is not the time for action.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Honor your need for rest and replenishment despite the pull from the Last Quarter Moon to branch out in a new direction. You’ll be better prepared to launch an adventurous plan after the upcoming New Moon.

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Astrology of Scorpio for today October 21st 2019

Proceed in your life with the realization that if you are rational you will succeed. Your self-esteem is high. Do not rely on the aegis of Fate, if you have decided to give your permission for financial investment – wait for a more appropriate period when you will have increased your income. You tend to have a problem with setting boundaries for yourself, which means that at times people feel as though they can walk all over you. If you can change your perspective ever so slightly, you may see a very different picture emerging – and one that pleases you far more. A tremendous financial opportunity will present itself to you soon. A little analysis brings fascinating insights. It is not desirable to travel and, if necessary – be cautious. Soon you will be in a good mood and achieve your goals. Do not be tempted to venture into reckless adventures.

If your personal life has been marked by difficulties or unpleasant situations, then you can now breathe freely and begin to feel the warmer climate in your family and love relationships. You can expect new, interesting acquaintances. If you are contemplating any major decisions, it is better to wait until you are sure of all facts. Soon you may feel like throwing caution to the wind, and just letting go for once, allowing the mood of the moment to carry you forward. Call your neighbors to look after your home if you plan a trip for a longer time. You will not lack good news for future interesting experiences. If you have any plans that you have been thinking of putting into action, then get them moving right now without waiting a single second. Dare to consider all the possible options open to you. The planets support you in all your endeavors.

Prepare for business issues that you may need to resolve immediately. You’re under the heavy influence of emotion. Difficulties will not keep you from being successful for long because the planets are on your side. Don’t rush or allow aggressive action only to prove your rightness. Some special events could be on the horizon, and will have a more profound effect on your life than you can currently appreciate. In a coming time you may be confronted with enemies that have set a goal to ruin on your plans. Make a trip if you’re sure it will fill you with good memories. It is possible that some recent proposals incur financial losses. The planets are bringing you the opportunity to stop and consider whether you are actually involved with the right people. If necessary, be compromising.

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October 21st 2019 Scorpio zodiac sign online forecast

Engage yourself in some creative work. Your sitting idle habit could prove fatal for mental peace. Unexpected rise in your expenses would disturb your peace of mind. Old friends would be supportive and helpful. Try to coax your partner into understanding, otherwise you might get in trouble. Use your professional power to enhance your career prospects. You are likely to gain unlimited success in your field of activity. Devote all your skills to gain the upper hand. Tension filled day when several differences might crop up with close associates. You will cherish the old beautiful romantic days today again with your spouse.

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