October 25th, 2019, Virgo daily horoscope for today

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With the Sun gone from your income sector and Mars here on his own, the warrior planet of the cosmos is now able to play things by his rules. Even though the Sun only left two days ago, this will already be making an impact, as you find that you are more willing to fight for what you deserve. This is especially so when it comes to the money but also in any area of your life where you are not being validated or appreciated. The gloves have come off and you are no longer willing to settle for less.

Thoughts always precede any action we take, but there could be an extra-strong connection between how you think and what you do at this time. Try to be more discerning about how or why you react spontaneously or perhaps impatiently to certain situations. You could be prone to allowing actions to override thoughts and miss out on a chance to create a more realistic and effective strategy. Excitement could fuel impatience, but you'd be wise to consider the consequences of your actions thoroughly before jumping.

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Virgo free horoscope prediction October 25th 2019

General Overview: You might not know which way is up with the moon void of course in your sign. It’s a shaky vibe that puts you out of sorts. Making it a low-keyed morning can reduce your stress, and you can trust a Scorpio to keep your story confidential. A more tranquil vibe sets later in the day when the moon moves into airy Libra.

Love/Friendship: Your flirtation game is strong. With affectionate Venus in your communication zone aligning with persuasive Pluto, your irresistible charm is fueled by passion and purpose. Hence, the object of your affection will know that you’re not just fooling around. Whether you’re chasing a new love interest or wooing your long-time partner, your words can stoke the flames of romance in a big way.

Career/Finance: Getting the support you need may depend upon how you approach the conversation. The Scorpio Sun at odds with insecure Chiron suggests that you could either play it too needy or fail to disclose info that proves that you need assistance. In either case, a potential supporter could be wary of your claim. Perhaps you should give this more thought before requesting aid?

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Having an open chat with someone you trust can be reassuring. It’s the kind of mental self-care that can help you put your life in the proper perspective and stop you from worrying about things that don’t matter.

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Astrology of Virgo for today October 25th 2019

Now is a great time to send yourself out to the gym where you can vent your moods on the equipment and get some exercise as well. Keep in mind that at this time, your interpersonal relationships with others are a key part of your success. What you need now more than ever is calmness and patience. You will feel the envy brought about by your success, which is ordinary and should not bother you. It is not in your favor to make changes to your personal life. The period’s planetary configuration brings all kinds of creative and inspiring opportunities to make plans for the future. Expect to get the money you no longer hoped to get back. Don’t be surprised if you are offered a trip to somewhere exotic. Closely inspect your conversations and become aware of the problems in the situation because you need to fix them in a timely manner. In the evenings try enjoying peace of mind in the company of your close and loved ones.

If you can harmonize your actions with your partner, then you will receive maximum positivity and avoid all troubles. You will feel a tide of power. Set up a meeting with someone who can help you achieve your goals and ambitions. Go easy on yourself and be patient. Consider doing something impromptu. You will be angry with your loved ones because they may ignore your ideas and plans. Don’t over-analyze every small detail that crosses your path. A journey, you may need to take, will be tense and related to unpleasant conversations which you’ll be obliged to carry through. Your intuition is getting stronger.

You risk earning remarks from the leadership because of an intrigue created by your colleague who envies you. Search for the right decisions with composure during this difficult period. If you are in a partnership you will be successful because it will make it easier for you to overcome the difficulties on your way. You are tense and nervous. It is possible that during this period you are tempted to travel. You need to appraise the situation in your own way and your own time, do not intend to be hurried by anyone into making a move before you are ready. Carry through your conceptions for the near future. Know that you have every chance to make as many changes as you desire. Be careful, you may be expecting an argument because of financial gains. Protect your interests.

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October 25th 2019 Virgo zodiac sign online forecast

Day of special care for expectant mothers. Investment in antiques and jewelry will bring gains and prosperity. Family function would make new friends. But be careful in your selection. Good friends are like a treasure you always want to preserve. Be careful as falling in love could be sacrilege for you today. Support from seniors as well as colleagues at workplace lifts your morale. Favourable planets will bring you plenty of reasons to feel pleased today. Difference of views might create an argument between you and your partner today.

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