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December 12th, 2019, Virgo daily horoscope for today

what's virgo horoscope for today

Just seven days before Venus is due to not only return to your work sector but spend the rest of this year and the first two weeks of 2020 here, yesterday's Full Moon in your career sector is running its course. With just a week separating the two and with the impact of a Full Moon taking weeks to fully play out, this is the start of a late professional surge. However, this is no match for the playful and creative energy that is starting to have an adventurous impact.

You're probably aware of that old saying that goes, 'if you snooze, you lose.' It's the way someone may have been careless or lazy that can be to your advantage now. You could gain from their mistake. Sure, there are times when we're obliged to point this out and allow someone a chance to see the error of their ways. However, there are also times when we benefit equitably from someone's inattention or lackadaisical attitude. Seize your chance to do so.

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Virgo free horoscope prediction December 12th 2019

General Overview: Acknowledge your victories. No matter how small they are, they deserve to be celebrated. What you feed your energy and attention grows, so why not accentuate the positive. It’s better than brooding over the negative, like an uncomfortable moment with an Aries.

Love/Friendship: Your desirability comes into question as wounded healer Chiron stations direct in your intimacy zone. Hopefully, during its retrograde phase, you were able to identify impediments to emotional and sexual intimacy. Owning them allows you to cultivate workarounds so that you can connect in ways that feel comfortable, accessible, and empowering for you.

Career/Finance: The Full Moon in versatile Gemini brings your career into sharp focus. Hopefully, you have something strong to deliver while you’re in a position to shine. All eyes are on you and what you have to offer. Get out there and show the world what you can do. With the moon at odds with planets in ambitious Capricorn, you may wonder if you’re doing too much or too little. The worst move you can make is to let indecision prevent you from doing anything at all. Just go for it!

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Having inflated expectations of a person can spoil your time together. Watch your neediness and be aware of a tendency to want something from someone that they don’t have or want to give. Instead, be receptive to what they bring to your interaction.

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Astrology of Virgo for today December 12th 2019

Do not make new missteps because of your distraction, and also because of your emotion and urgency, which are brought about due to your deserved criticism. Prepare for misunderstandings that will make you angry. Take your time and be patient. You need to be more pro-active and especially flexible in order to avoid failure. Challenges are coming your way that will help you find a new approach to solve your personal problems. The stars suggest a trip somewhere exotic and expensive. The planets promise you excellent self-confidence and spiritual harmony if you remember that self-assessment benefits you. Do not be tense and disappointed because of the delay of an important meeting that can mess up your plans. Financial losses and failure of your arrangements are possible if you are not flexible enough and you agree with any proposition that comes your way. The planets support you in all your endeavors.

Positive events are just about to happen, those who are alone will find good opportunities for a fateful encounter to set off a love novel, but it’s not necessarily with a new person in your life. You are determined, shine with your abilities. Just be a bit more patience and everything will work out fine. New acquaintances are a source of trouble. Changing your plans may lead you to load yourself with obligations that you do not expect at all. Changes now are in your favor. The moment is not good for a holiday trip. Proper evaluation will help you make the right conclusions and take the necessary action. Do not deny help to loved ones or friends.

For those with creative professions the time has come to create an impressive product. Postpone near-future suspicious meetings and conversations to shield yourself from failures and disappointments. If possible, it may be best to wait until you have cooled down a little before taking another step. Now you may feel quite emotional, but you are lacking a sense of clarity. The planetary alignment gives you plenty of scope for change and transformation. Despite tensions during this period, the result of completing urgent tasks is an unexpectedly high financial reward that you will receive soon. Engage in discussion of future tasks you have planned for a long time, but have not yet begun. Incorrect advices can affect your meetings and conversations if you trust everything without first considering it. This is a great time for any kind of travel. If necessary, be compromising.

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December 12th 2019 Virgo zodiac sign online forecast

Health will remain fine despite a busy schedule. Those who invest their money in the stock market can suffer losses today. It will be better for you to become attentive and alert regarding your investments. Good day to communicate with people whom you rarely meet. Girlfriend may deceive you. You could ruin your project if you are too open about your plans. You can spend a good day reading an interesting magazine or novel. Your spouse might push you to go out when you are in no mood or vice versa, which will eventually make you feel irritated.

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